Besides testing fecilities Ekoteks Laboratory provides, training and consulting services.

As Ekoteks we belive that the main way of being in progress is to provide continuous training. For that reason Ekoteks Laboratory regularly organizes training seminars for technical innovations of testing procedures and textile process. Our mission is to provide training services and successfully perform this mission by organizing large scale international training seminars for the purpose of tracing industrial developments in the world and acknowledging the industry with up-to information.

In addition to this we perform training seminars for suppliers of buying offices or retails regarding to the tests or special customer standarts mentioned on supplier manuals.

Participators are able to have the opportunity to capture testing procedures pratically during training seminars held in the Ekoteks Laboratory seminar room in order to train industry professionals on how to conduct product testing.

Ekoteks ensures consultancy services for creating test methods according to customer demands when test standart is uncertain according to quality criteria included in testing manuals.