Since 2007, Microbiological tests of textile materials in Turkey are carried out by the ‘only' Accredited Ekoteks lndustrial Microbiology Laboratory not only limited to textile materials but expanding its scope to cosmetics, medical products and many synthetic materials such as plastics, PVC and other polymers. All tests are carried out according to the Accredited lnternational Standard Testing Methods. For this purpose, a comprehensive cultivation of microorganisms library has been set up and further innovative activities are continuously developed.

Hygienic and environment-friendly products are of prime importance today and antibacterial materials are mainly used for protection and curing. Ekoteks laboratory having a leading mission in developing social consciousness have started, first time in Turkey, to provide ‘ANTİBACTERIAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATE' to some innovative company's products such as plastics, textiles, carpets which gives them superiorities in competition

The main product categories tested in Ekoteks laboratory for microbiological test:

* Floor Covenings
* PVC, plastic, industrial materials
* Disinfectants
* Biocidal products
* Cosmetics
* Baby diaper, wet wipes, sanitary pad and such personal care products.