Many chemicals, dyestuffs and addititives used the processes from fibers ta finished productsof textiles may cause ta serious and important disturbances in human health and environment. Moreover, waste meterials obtained during the production may alsa create similar risks. in the textile and garments products obtained from natural and man made fibres; fibre productions, processings, pre-treatments, dyeing and finishing, packaging and the materials, chemical additives and wastes obtained can pollute environment and can alsa harm human health.

Especially, as a result of increasing consciousness of the consumers in EU and other potential countries in human health protection and negative environmental effects, tests far prohibited and restricted chemicals are increasingly demanded.

Primary tests carried out by our experienced staff using suitable analytical testing instruments are; formaldehyde, forbidden azo dyes, cancerogenic and allergenic dyestuffs, pesticides, phthalates, chlor phenols, polichlorinated biphenyls, chlorinated organic carriers, heavy metals, nickel far metals, total lead, cadmium, chromium(VI), APEO, PFOS, PAH’s, DMF, Bisphenol A, SCCP.