Ekoteks Laboratory was founded in 1998, with the investment of IHKIB (Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association). With its trained, experienced and dynamic staff. Ekoteks operates over 3,000 local and largest multinational corporations around the world.

Being a non-profit laboratory, Ekoteks supports the exporters to develop their R'D activities and to set up an infrastructure for product development activities. Ekoteks has also a mission to regulate the market by its price policy fort he benefit of industry.

Ekoteks Laboratory gained surveillance company status and has become a brand on worldwide market. According to Turkish customs declaration issiued by Foreign Trade Undersecretariat, with number 2011/15, on the Important General Directorate related to the surveillance of some dyestuffs banned on the textile and ready made apparel products. The surveillance herein, covers the sampling executed at the place and date of surveillance, by using our best knowledge and skills and without prejudice to the relevant parties rights and provided that the importer's legal, financial and trade liabilities remaining reserved.

Today, it is obvious that the most important points of customer satisfaction is to understand customer needs and quote the best prices as well high quality service. Wtih this main thought as being a non-profit organization Ekoteks supports textile sector with competitive prices, technical background and servivces in order to increase purchasing capability of both customers and buyers.

As having the first and only Microbiology Laboratory within its structure in order to support consumers according to customer demands our laboratory begin to provide certification service in 2009. First company certification business achivement is carried out by Royal Halı. Our laboratory continues to provide certification service for different sectors.

The following issues are mentioned as the objectives of Ekoteks Laboratory,

  • To be an active ring of a protection chain which controls the usage of hazardous products and/or dyestuffs that threaten the health of humans'environment.
  • To prodive the most reliable test results appropriate to accepted international standarts.
  • To give the fastest testing service with very competitive and reasonable prices.
  • To provide sufficient information for suppliers about testing and how to improve their product quality by organizing seminars continuosly.
  • The laboratory has been fulfilling its matto, to make the right tests in compliance with international requirements and deliver reliably to the client.

Ekoteks is recognised and accredited by international independent certification bodies.